Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Summer moves on

So do we have a summer of code ?
Yes and No ... what an answer hmm ?
The progress in Kmatrix3D is not so big.
I'm stuck in moving from class design to OpenGL implementation.
The reason for that is simple - I just can't find a necessary
informations about pbuffers and how to use them ... too many
papers but none of them which I found do describe all about pbuffers.
If reading this you know any good papers, pdf, tutorials which are
worth reading - please let me know.
Beside that weather outside is changing frequently ... to frequently
for my taste ... Is it strange only for me ?
I would like to spent more time on KMatrix3D but simply I just have
a little free time to spent ... also I have another projects, ideas and so on...
So enthusiasts of KMatrix3D ... stay steady, stay cool - something going on
on my desk .. maybe not with speed of light, more like .... "sea turtle" speed
but I'm sure that someday next version will reach Linux desktop :-)
So that's all for now folks.
And btw. I've changed my base system to Debian Lenny - farewell Gentoo - it was great
time but one I can say for sure - self compilation isn't a must for speed or stability,
moreover it is not a key factor for sure. Apt and Debian rocks over Portage :-)

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hello World :-)

Hello Everybody !
Like suggested in title this is the opening post.
My blog will contain both programming related issues and private thoughts as well.
Some time passed from last update to the KMatrix 3d.
Apologize for all users for such a long break. The reason for that is I involved myself
into commercial project. I spent this time writing about 3000 lines of code just to find out that nothing will
come out. SIC !
Yes - I learned one thing from this - don't make any business within family relations - or at least in my case
it's not working. Pity but true.
So I'm back to the free, non-commercial development for Open Source community.
More about KMatrix 3D progress soon so stay tuned.