Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Summer moves on

So do we have a summer of code ?
Yes and No ... what an answer hmm ?
The progress in Kmatrix3D is not so big.
I'm stuck in moving from class design to OpenGL implementation.
The reason for that is simple - I just can't find a necessary
informations about pbuffers and how to use them ... too many
papers but none of them which I found do describe all about pbuffers.
If reading this you know any good papers, pdf, tutorials which are
worth reading - please let me know.
Beside that weather outside is changing frequently ... to frequently
for my taste ... Is it strange only for me ?
I would like to spent more time on KMatrix3D but simply I just have
a little free time to spent ... also I have another projects, ideas and so on...
So enthusiasts of KMatrix3D ... stay steady, stay cool - something going on
on my desk .. maybe not with speed of light, more like .... "sea turtle" speed
but I'm sure that someday next version will reach Linux desktop :-)
So that's all for now folks.
And btw. I've changed my base system to Debian Lenny - farewell Gentoo - it was great
time but one I can say for sure - self compilation isn't a must for speed or stability,
moreover it is not a key factor for sure. Apt and Debian rocks over Portage :-)